How to Use Instagram Nametags for Marketing in Nigeria

Need a brisk and simple route for individuals to discover you on Instagram? Have you caught wind of Instagram Nametags?

In this article, you’ll find how to discover and tweak your Instagram unofficial ID so individuals can rapidly pursue your Instagram account

What Are Instagram Nametags?

Informal IDs on Instagram are fundamentally the same as Snapchat’s snap codes and Facebook Messenger codes. They’re intended to be filtered rapidly, and effectively take individuals to your profile or enable them to tail you.

On the off chance that you’ve endeavored to become your Instagram group of onlookers by telling individuals your Instagram username, you’ve likely experienced circumstances where this turns into a challenging procedure. The greatest test is motivating individuals to spell your name accurately in the hunt bar on Instagram. On the off chance that you have underscores, specks, shortened forms, or anything strange in your username, the test is just amplified.

your profile or enable them to tail you.

In the event that you’ve attempted to become your Instagram crowd by telling individuals your Instagram username, you’ve likely experienced circumstances where this turns into a difficult procedure. The greatest test is motivating individuals to spell your name effectively in the inquiry bar on Instagram. On the off chance that you have underscores, spots, contractions, or anything strange in your username, the test is just amplified.

Unofficial IDs are a simple answer to this. They enable clients to rapidly check your code without including or sort any data and promptly have the alternative to see your profile or tail you.

Moreover, having your informal ID accessible or in plain view can be a not really unpretentious trigger to urge somebody to tail you, without you having to explicitly request that they do as such. It’s a less constrained connection with your clients or gathering of people.

Here are the means by which to begin utilizing Instagram unofficial IDs.

You can examine an unofficial ID two different ways. The primary path is to go to your Instagram profile, tap on the three-line catch in the upper right corner, and pick the Nametag tab. At that point, tap Scan a Nametag at the base of the screen.

The second way is to open your Instagram Stories camera, and tap and hold the screen when you’re ready to scan a nametag. This is a significantly faster way to access the scanning camera.

Once you’ve scanned a nametag, you see a screen that allows you to visit that account’s profile. If you’re not already following that account, a large button is also available to follow that account. If you’re already following the account, the pop-up will let you know this is the case.

There is one small challenge if you see someone’s scannable nametag on Instagram or elsewhere: you can’t easily “scan” it while viewing it on your phone. The camera that allows you to scan nametags has to be open, and you can’t open that camera when you’re on another social media platform or elsewhere on your mobile device.

The solution is to take a screenshot of the nametag when you come across it. Then go into your Instagram account to access the Stories camera or the nametag camera.

If you open your Stories camera, go to the photo or gallery option in the bottom-left corner and tap on the image you just took of the nametag. This will pull the nametag into the camera and automatically scan it for the connection.

If you open the Nametag camera via your profile settings, tap the gallery button in the top-right corner of the screen to open your camera roll. Select the screenshot of the nametag you want to scan and the scan process will automatically happen.

#2: Find and Customize Your Instagram Nametag

All users have access to the Nametags feature on Instagram. You automatically have a nametag set up for your account, but you can customize it.

To access your nametag, go to your Instagram profile settings tab (the three-line button in the top-right corner of your profile). From the list of options, select Nametag.

There are three options for the background of your nametag—Color, Emoji, or Selfie—all of which are editable for your own preference or branding. To navigate among the three options, tap on the type of background option you want to customize at the top of the screen.

Then tap on the screen background to change the coloropen the emoji keyboard (to select any emoji), or change the selfie effects.

Once you have a background you like, simply tap the “X” to close the window. Your changes are saved automatically.

TipBe creative and selective with your background options. If you’re choosing from the color gradient backgrounds, select one that aligns with your brand colors. If you’re opting for an emoji background, choose an emoji that’s relevant to your brand. For example, if you’re a photographer, select the camera emoji. If you’re a florist, choose a flower emoji.

#3: Share Your Instagram Nametag

You can distribute your Instagram nametag a variety of ways, limited only by your creativity. Here are some ways other brands are sharing their nametags.

Display Your Nametag Prominently in Your Store

Chocolate Johnny runs Perfection Chocolates in Australia and the @namcodigitalservices Instagram account. He has been a big fan of snap codes and is now including Instagram nametags in his store. A simple card placement throughout the store and on the display cases makes it easy for customers to follow him.

In these situations, customers are already in his store, talking to him or the other employees, and enjoying the products. They’re highly likely to want to follow him on Instagram, given the relationship building that’s already happening in the store.

Share Your Nametag at Events

You can also display your nametag at trade shows and expos. Many times, you’re promoting your business to potential customers at these events. Providing them with an opportunity to connect with you on Instagram before they leave can increase the chances of conversions and sales after the event has ended. And it’s not a business card that gets lost in the bottom of a bag or ends up in the trash when they get home.

Namco at African Fashions recently did this for an expo she attended. She printed out cards with her nametag for @namcoafricanfashion, customized with a fun farmer emoji, to place around the booth and make connecting easy.

Namco at @namcopasteries put out her nametags around her booth to make it easy for people to connect with her Instagram account without having to spell out her account name every time or risk people not being able to find her account due to spelling.

If you regularly attend business conferences or networking events, save your Instagram nametag image as your phone’s lock screen photo. This way, when you’re at an event and want to connect with someone, simply open your phone to the lock screen image and it’s ready to be scanned. Again, this makes it easy to connect with fellow attendees in a unique way that’s not just another business card.

Many conferences have video boards that play a loop of content created around a hashtag. You could post your nametag to Instagram and/or Twitter using the event hashtag and get your nametag to appear on the video screen for all of the other attendees to see.

Likewise, if you coordinate these conferences or events, have your brand’s nametag as a static image on the video board throughout the event to encourage attendees to follow your account.

If you’re hosting an event where you’re providing desserts or treats, consider having a custom, edible decorations designed with your nametag, making for delicious and functional advertising!

Cross-Promote Your Nametag on Your Social Channels and Blog

Promote your nametag on other social media platforms to capitalize on the audiences you have on those other platforms. Naomi shared the nametag for her @naomi_chy Instagram account on Twitter and asked her audience there to follow her over on Instagram.

How to Encourage Users to Scan Your Instagram Nametag
Once you decide where to promote your Instagram nametag, here are some tips for encouraging users to scan it.

Educate Users About How to Scan Your Nametag
You should also be cognizant of your audience and prepared to help them understand how to use scannable nametags. We as marketers often jump on these new features but everyday users may not be aware of them or understand how to use them. Include helpful tips or guidance to teach your audience how to scan and use nametags if necessary.

Evergreen Credit Union is on Instagram as @evergreen_credit_union and has included its nametag on digital displays, along with sharing instructions of how to scan and access the nametag.

Give Users an Incentive

Think about the incentive you provide in asking people to follow you. While Instagram nametags are fun and exciting right now, everyone is sharing their nametags and asking for follows. But why should anyone new follow you? What’s the advantage for them?

Consider promoting your nametag when you run a campaign for a free giveaway or download. If you’re running an Instagram contest and want to encourage participation, share your nametag with that offer to participate.

If you shared a tutorial or live video to your Instagram stories that’s valuable to your audience, cross-promote it to other social media platforms, along with your nametag so people can easily find you and watch the video.

Naomi runs @naomicokogbueaciml on Instagram and is planning to offer a free book download as an incentive that will be augmented by sharing her nametag to other social media sites and marketing methods as she works to grow her follower count.

Pro Tip: It’s worth pointing out that you should be careful about how and where you post your Instagram nametag. For instance, placing it on a billboard isn’t a good idea. In this situation, cars are driving by quickly and don’t have time to stop and scan. The same thing could be said about putting your nametag on a vehicle, where if someone driving is close enough to read it, they’re too close!


Instagram nametags are a quick and easy way to let others connect with you. While the end goal on Instagram should never be solely about follower counts, this feature will help you add followers more easily and make connecting with new people more efficient.

What do you think? Are you excited to try out the Nametags feature? Or are you already using nametags for your business? Please share your thoughts or tips in the comments below.


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