Ways to target customers online in Nigeria

If you’ve been watching what’s been happening with Facebook lately, we’re in a time of incredible uncertainty. The news is dominated with talk of government regulation and privacy issues.

“Facebook could be unrecognizable by 2020,” said The Atlantic.

We’ve all seen massive declines in organic reach and referral traffic. People aren’t watching our videos on FB for more than mere seconds.

It’s no longer about content on FB and that throws a great big wrench in many of our social media strategies.

But there may be a way you can still succeed. It starts with diversifying your social marketing activities.

Here are some ideas to consider:

#1: Embrace short-form Stories on Instagram: Yes, this platform is owned by Facebook. However, these 15-second vertical videos are watched by 500 million people every day on IG.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “We want to go from a Feed-only world to a Feed-plus-Stories World.” This is a clear signal that Stories need to be a part of our strategy.

Every platform will eventually have these short-form videos. Learning how to tell short stories with video will be important.

#2: Get active on YouTube: I know this is NOT one of the first platforms you think of when it comes to social media, but consider these stats:

There are 1.9 billion people who use YouTube every month. They consume over a billion hours of content each day.

This is the platform where your longer videos will be consumed. You just need to understand how to use YouTube.

#3: LinkedIn video: Microsoft has made some major progress on the LinkedIn platform, rolling out native video and more recently live video.

This platform feels a lot like what FB was in the “good old days.” LinkedIn is worth another look.

Do you need to diversify?

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