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How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Wondering how to make money in affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Read through the post to discover how. What is Affiliate Marketing? According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing

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Ways to target customers online in Nigeria

If you’ve been watching what’s been happening with Facebook lately, we’re in a time of incredible uncertainty. The news is dominated with talk of government regulation and privacy issues. “Facebook could be unrecognizable by 2020,” said The Atlantic. We’ve all seen massive declines in organic reach and referral traffic. People aren’t watching our videos on

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WhatsApp Business Features & Benefits For Small Business in Nigeria

Instant messaging service WhatsApp has officially launched WhatsApp Business, a separate app that small businesses can use to connect with their customers. WhatsApp Business App was built with the small business owners in mind. With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to customer messages.

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How to Grow Your Business online in Nigeria

Every small business would love to dive head first into online marketing, but many hit a roadblock when exploring the many options available: their budget. A lack of budget shouldn’t prevent you from attracting new business online. 1. Claim Your Local Listing Pages If you haven’t already claimed your local business listing on Google, Bing

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Content Marketing Tools You can use in Nigeria to Ease Stress

It is not just enough to have a product to sell nowadays because the market has become so modern you need a story to back it up. Content marketing helps you create a story that’ll help you connect with your customers. As with every other type of marketing, content marketing also has its own tools.

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Best Ways to Know the Meaning of Online Engagement

Making an impression on consumers through standard display advertising has become incredibly difficult. Not only is the landscape becoming more and more cluttered as brands compete for attention online, but 60% of Nigeria claim to dislike all types of online advertising, and ad blocking usage levels are remaining around 25%. Similarly, according to data from Lumen’s

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Instagram is a visual-first platform. When you log on, you’ll see image after image of jaw-dropping scenery, drool-worthy dessert, and high-quality pictures of everything you could ever want to buy. The images and videos being shared are the focus, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the text altogether. Hashtags are an important part

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